Word 2013 crash when opening a template

Just a quick post about a strange Word 2013 crash when I created a new document starting from one of the templates. This weekend, I did a fresh install of Office 2013. Nothing fancy, just a next-next-finish install. After the installation, I opened Word 2013 to see that everything is working as expected. But actually, it didn’t.


This is what happened after selecting one of the provided templates. Word stopped working.  (Btw, it’s a Dutch version of Office 2013, as it was an install on my dad’s machine). After some research, I found that it was something related to the Bluetooth COM Add-in. Because that’s the only thing that appears on the Splash screen of Word: “Loading Bluetooth add-in”.

To solve this problem, you can disable this COM Add-in by clicking on the ‘Options‘ link on the left side of the screen. (Just press escape when you’re on the templates screen to be able to access the options menu). There you click on ‘Add-ins‘, and select the ‘Send to Bluetooth’ Add-in. Now you can select ‘Start‘ on the bottom of the screen.


You should see a new screen where can disable the ‘Send to Bluetooth’ Add-in. So uncheck the option, and click ‘OK‘. That’s it. You should now be able to start a new document using one of many provided templates.



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Alexander Vanwynsberghe
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