TF400409: You do not have licensing rights

Today, I updated my TFS 11 machine to the recently released TFS 2012 RC version. More information about this release can be found on the the great blogpost by Brian Harry. Updating an existing TFS 11 setup is really easy, just uninstall the Application Tier and perform the installation of TFS 2012. When the setup is ready, you can follow the -upgrade- path to convert your existing databases and settings to TFS 2012. This went perfectly without any issues. Great job Microsoft!

So far so good. Although this is not the goal of this post. I want to share you something I was struggling with. When I looked at the homepage of my web access, I had this 2 red dialogs:

This behavior is really strange, because I did install the full version, nothing special, just a standard upgrade. I also found out that I didn’t have a ‘Backlog’ in the activities menu on the right, allthough I had this on the TFS 11 version (and on the TFS preview version). When I browsed to this page manually by going to http://tfsserver:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection/TeamProject/Team/_backlogs, I had this same permission error:

After some research, I figured out that you now have the possibility to define ‘Web Access Permissions‘ in this version of TFS. By default (meaning after the upgrade), this is set to ‘Limited‘ = no advanced features like the backlog etc. To activate this, just go to the Admin Control Panel, select ‘web access‘ and select ‘Full‘. Then click on ‘Set as default web access‘. You can also play with those settings by adding users to specific permissions. As you want…

That’s it, issue solved!


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