Searching directly into Yammer using Chrome

I’ve recently discovered a small but really interesting thing to search information on Yammer directly using Chrome. In fact, it’s really easy to achieve something like this


If you go to the settings of Chrome (chrome://settings/), you have an option to select which search engine is used when searching from the omnibox (the small box in the URL bar)


If you click on “Manage search engines” and scroll to the bottom, you can add a new line using the following parameters:

  • Search Engine: Yammer Search
  • Keyword (triggers the omnibox):
  • URL (note the %s at the end):<network>/#/Threads/Search?type=following&search=%s

That’s it. If you open a new tab, enter “ + tab“, you’ll see the omnibox. Now you can search whatever you want on Yammer. In my example, I use the Yammer Customer Network to find everything related to Yammer, as it’s my one-stop-shop to get all the information I’m looking for. Enjoy!


Written by
Alexander Vanwynsberghe
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