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After ignoring the blog-rage for several years, I’ve finally succumbed!


First of all, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Alexander Vanwynsberghe, born in 1985 and living in a small town called Houthulst, located in west-flanders, Belgium. In short: i’m into social media, digital, ALM, software QA and team management.


I’m working as a development team manger at for some years now. Fyi, Cognistreamer is a collaborative framework mostly used in applications to drive collaboration into innovation. This by using the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ concept. The most common technologies used to create our framework are ASP.NET C#, IronPython, OO Javascript.. (more details will follow in later blogposts)


The reason for me to start blogging is that I want a little place on the web to share things that I find interesting, problems that I struggle with and how I experience things around me. All that mostly related to my daytime job. I think that blogging will allow me to be creative, and express myself to the outside world.


I hope you will enjoy my posts. Feel free to post a comment at any time! You can always follow me on twitter by using @vanwynsberghea


Oh and btw, the views expressed here may not reflect those of my employer.. just in case..




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Alexander Vanwynsberghe

Belgium-based entrepreneur. Into technology, innovation and a bit of cycling and running too. Evangelist for everything related to smart-tech.