Healthcare is shifting gears

At the University of Antwerp, there was an interesting event called: “UAntwerpen backstage”, organised by Antwerp.SRL (Smart Region Link). The goal of the event was to give visitors a look behind the scenes, combined with some inspirational talks about chemistry and environment, transport and logistics, e-health and healthcare technology.

During the event, I had the opportunity to network with other professionals in the healthcare industry and exchange ideas about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. One topic that came up in our discussions was the importance of providing accessible healthcare services to underserved communities, such as those in rural areas or low-income neighborhoods. We talked about different models of care, including telemedicine and mobile clinics, but also the value of having a physical location that patients can visit for urgent care needs. This led to a conversation about the availability of healthcare services in different parts of the world, including the need for a walk in clinic in Jamaica NYC. It was a reminder that, as healthcare professionals, we have a responsibility to address healthcare disparities and work towards providing equitable access to care for all.

I was one of the 3 speakers in the healthcare track. The goal of my talk was to give an overview of what we are currently working on, as a company, and also to give a brief overview related to “the future of healthcare”. The slides have been uploaded to Slideshare, so here you go! I hope you enjoy the slides as much as I enjoyed talking about them!

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Alexander Vanwynsberghe
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