Alexander is a technologist, innovator and founder of Aptus, a Smart technology/Internet of Things (IoT) integrator that helps companies with opportunities related to connected solutions and digital services.

Alexander graduated as an electromechanical engineer and soon obtained his first Innovation Award with an ambitious Machine-to-machine (M2M) project called “Telemaintenance of agricultural machinery“​. He then explored several IT opportunities ranging from positions as developer, team lead, ALM and EPM consultant and collaboration architect. During these years, he worked with a wide variety of clients and industries.

It took him a few years to find this true passion, the world of smart technology, which will drive the next Industrial Revolution. Billions of ordinary things, from farm cows and factory gear to pollution monitors and prescription-drug bottles, are being outfitted with microchips and linked by online networks in a technological transformation. This will bring some serious challenges to product companies but also some major advantages and new business opportunities. Alexander his job is to evangelise this phenomenon, create awareness, build communities and help companies with the challenges that the disruptive shift of IoT and smart technology brings.

Specialities: Innovation, combining hardware + software + internet, prototyping, R&D as a whole, evangelism, coaching.

Topics: IoT, micro-electronics, Edge, ML/Vision AI, no-code/low-code
Interests: B2B (Industry) and B2G (local government)


Alexander Vanwynsberghe

Belgium-based entrepreneur. Into technology, innovation and a bit of cycling and running too. Evangelist for everything related to smart-tech.