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Windows Azure auto-provisioned apps for SharePoint 2013


  • Reply Sally Olle |

    Thankyou for this onformation. Is there a way to connect to the resulting Azure database ( a connection string) like that is available when an Access Web app is created?

  • Reply Karu Karthi |

    Hi ,
    Error On AutoHostedApp Deployment :
    When i was able to debug ,it was working fine,but I tried to deploy the solution – I am getting the error.

    Correlation Id: 4e2aa7aa-00be-4a4f-83bb-362a567c0e21

    ErrorDetail: The remote hosting service is not configured.

    ErrorType: Configuration

    ErrorTypeName: Configuration

    Target application not found (application id:

  • Reply Daniel Mellingen |

    Are there any ways to expose sharepoint-hosted apps on a azure site? (Using azure as IAAS with microsoft template images). I get everything working locally on the domain, no problem. But when I browse the cloud site the iFrame wich is suppose to display the app, displays instead a reserved internet domain name. (same as my local app domain: “”)…

    Any suggestions? Am I suppose to use Autohosted istead?

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