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Linking Trello and VSO using Service Hooks


  • Reply Jay |

    This was extremely helpful Alexander! I’ve been trying to look for a TFS/Trello integration tool and was very pleasantly surprised when a tab for Service Hooks popped up yesterday!

    So far, I’m using Zapier as the middle man so that I can customize the Trello card better but I’ve only managed to do new work items. Have you (or anyone else) been able to update existing Trello cards when a work item is updated or a new comment is made on a work item?

    • Reply Alexander Vanwynsberghe |

      Hi Jay! Thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately from what I experienced, the service hook can only create cards & lists, but not edit cards & lists. I looks like there is no “meta-link” between the two platform.

      If you look at the integration with for example Zendesk (, you will see that there is a reference betwoon both..

      It will be a feature for VNext I suppose :-)

      • Reply Jay |

        That’s an interesting way to link back, by adding a URL link on the work item. If I get ambitious enough, I might just make my own service to integrate the two in the way that I want to. Thanks Alexander!

  • Reply w m. |

    i would like to have folks create/modify in Trello and have it write back to TFS. I know there is some Alpha code from Codeplex that does this and they have a module which works this way with Zendesk. Anyone have any experience with Codeplex products?

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