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TFS build automation for a Java project using Ant


  • Reply Guy |

    Thank you for the great blog writeup, I have followed this at work and am using any builds with tfs 2012 now.

    Have a nice day :O)

  • Reply singtur |

    A question : As you know a build.xml may contain n targets. I simply want to define the target to build. How can I do this using TFS Eclipse plugin ??
    Do I need different build.xml files which I than have to use in different build definitions ?
    Or is it possible to pass the ant target somehow as MSBuild cmd arg via the “Queue Build …” dialog ?

    What I want to do is : I have one build.xml . It contains the default target “build-all” but also “create-image” or “test-all” or … And now I simply want to tell the build which target to use .

    Is that possible ?


  • Reply Ala'a Alnajjar |

    I’m not sure if this article is helpful or not since all images doesn’t appear at all,maybe you should revise it

  • Reply nike |

    i want to set the Java Home for TFS, any script template for setting the tfs home directory and checking out the code using command line parameter will help.

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