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Fullscreen Windows 8 on VMware Workstation 8

After installing Windows 8 on VirtualBox yesterday (mentioned in my previous post), I spent quite a while playing with the new OS. The only thing that bothered me was that I could not find a way to run the virtual machine fullscreen on my native resolution: 1920×1080. Windows 8 on VirtualBox did not gave me an option to use this resolution. Even Google (Bing) couldn’t help me. I also tried the command below but had no result..

VBoxManage controlvm “Windows 8 (name of the VM)” setvideomodehint “1920” “1080” “32”

The fullscreen issue (for me) forced me to try an alternative. As I also have VMware Workstation 7 installed on my machine, I tried to install it there, but quickly ran into this (apparently known) issue after the bootscreen:

vcpu-0:NOT_IMPLEMENTED vmcore/vmm/intr/apic.c:1903

So no luck on Workstation 7, up to Workstation 8 than! This are my steps to setup Windows 8 on VMWare Workstation 8.

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Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview in screenshots

This is how the installation process of Windows 8 looks like. As from what I experienced right now, it looks really awesome and superfast!

You can download the ISO from here. I took the ‘Windows Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit (x64)’ Then I installed the ISO using VirtualBox as a Windows 7 x64 operating system. I assigned 1 gig RAM and 40 gig space for the OS. This method did not gave any problems at all, it works like a charm.

I also tried it with VMware Workstation, but this approach gave some strange errors about the display.

Here you go (attention: lot’s of screenshots)

Note that I used my live-login to create an account. You can also choose to create a local account, which has totally no connection with Microsoft Live.

All experiences are welcome!