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Visual Studio 2012 Launch Event: Slides

A few days ago, my company (RealDolmen) organized an event related to the launch of Visual Studio and TFS 2012. It was a great success and we had a lot of attendees. The 2 rooms were really crowded, which was absolutely great! On the event, I had the chance to talk about two great topics:

  1. Getting your database development under control using the new SQL Server Database Tools (SSDT)
  2. Cross-platform development with TFS 2012

I had some good feedback afterwards which I really do appreciate! I’ve uploaded my two slide decks to my SkyDrive so you can download them if you’re interested. You can find them here. Have fun!

And remember:

TFS 2012 + Ant: Unable to access ant-launcher.jar

Today, I was was trying to create a build definition to run an Ant build from a Java project in Eclipse. First of all, I installed the brand new Team Explorer Everywhere for TFS 2012 RC (which looks really good!). Next step was to install the Build Extensions (to support Ant and Maven 2/3 builds). The installation went perfect, no problems at all.

Next step is to install Winant to support Ant builds on a Windows operating system. I also installed the Java SDK (including the JRE, otherwise you cannot run Eclipse). When all this was finished, I created my build definition like I normally do (I made a blog post about this a while ago).

Only.. there was a quite strange behavior when I queued my build. It only took 2 seconds. According to the build output, the Java project was successfully built, but the build was red. When I looked at the logs, I found this error:

Error: Unable to access jarfile C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v10.0\BuildExtensions\apache-ant\lib\ant-launcher.jar

This is strange, but on the other hand correct because ant-launcher.jar doesn’t exist on that location.

Solution: When you install the Java SDK and Winant, it creates 2 environment variables. The thing is that it creates ‘User’ variables, and not ‘System’ variables. So what you have to do is create 2 system variables and append the bin paths to the ‘path’ system variable. In my case:

“ANT_HOME = C:\Program Files (x86)\WinAnt”

“JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_04”

“Path = …………………;JAVA_HOME%bin;ANT_HOME%bin;”

Next, restart you build service (to catch the new added system variables) and queue your build. As you can see: Issue solved 🙂

TF400409: You do not have licensing rights

Today, I updated my TFS 11 machine to the recently released TFS 2012 RC version. More information about this release can be found on the the great blogpost by Brian Harry. Updating an existing TFS 11 setup is really easy, just uninstall the Application Tier and perform the installation of TFS 2012. When the setup is ready, you can follow the -upgrade- path to convert your existing databases and settings to TFS 2012. This went perfectly without any issues. Great job Microsoft!

So far so good. Although this is not the goal of this post. I want to share you something I was struggling with. When I looked at the homepage of my web access, I had this 2 red dialogs:

This behavior is really strange, because I did install the full version, nothing special, just a standard upgrade. I also found out that I didn’t have a ‘Backlog’ in the activities menu on the right, allthough I had this on the TFS 11 version (and on the TFS preview version). When I browsed to this page manually by going to http://tfsserver:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection/TeamProject/Team/_backlogs, I had this same permission error:

After some research, I figured out that you now have the possibility to define ‘Web Access Permissions‘ in this version of TFS. By default (meaning after the upgrade), this is set to ‘Limited‘ = no advanced features like the backlog etc. To activate this, just go to the Admin Control Panel, select ‘web access‘ and select ‘Full‘. Then click on ‘Set as default web access‘. You can also play with those settings by adding users to specific permissions. As you want…

That’s it, issue solved!


ALM Rangers Practical Kanban Guidance RC

Yesterday, together with the Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012 RC release, the ALM Rangers have also SIMultaneously SHIPped their guidance as RC. As I’m really proud to have been involved in the ALM Rangers team, I can tell you that we also shipped the RC version of the Practical Kanban Guidance.

The Practical Kanban Guidance offers teams that are new to Kanban and teams that are using a manual, paper or whiteboard-based Kanban board, guidance and tool support for Kanban in Team Foundation Server 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2012. The guidance also describes how Team Foundation Server can capture metrics and other information that can be used to track and continuously improve a team’s software delivery process.

You can check it on the CodePlex project. If you have any suggestions for improvements, remarks, bugs,… just let us know! Your feedback is really valuable.

Enjoy the release!