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SharePoint Foundation 2013 installation error


  • Reply Galya Metzger |

    First of all, great post, and thank you for the pioneering work you do with SP 2013!
    I have a question for you as an expert:
    We have a setup of SP 2010 and we are planning to upgrade it to 2013. The question is, will said upgrade preserve various add-ons and plugins such as (URL
    We’re obviously interested in preserving the user’s experience as similar as possible as far as third party tools are concerned.

    • Reply Alexander Vanwynsberghe |

      The upgrade will preserve your add-ons, and by default, the upgraded sites are still in SharePoint 2010 mode. This means that the sites can truly remain running in SharePoint 2010 mode until a site owner or administrator explicitly upgrades the site to the new user interface.
      Good luck!

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