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Moving an existing Git Repository to TFService/TFS 2013


  • Reply Chris Anderson |

    Thanks for this post. Note, however, that when using the command line method, after removing origin, you can’t set the origin url as you describe, as origin no longer exists. Replace set-url with add in the third command, and it all works OK.

  • Reply Jeff Kong |

    Thanks for the post, Regarding the visual studio way, does the pull command need to look like “git pull file:///C:/SOURCE/LOCATIONOFYOUROLDREPO”

  • Reply meinungsluxus |

    Hm, it seems I have still to create a repro first in Visual Studio 2013 before I can push my local repro to the TFS 2013 Express server. Is there a way to create a new project/repro from command line?

  • Reply Harald-René Flasch |

    Already moved some repos using exact the same steps but now for the last step “git push -u origin –all” I get:

    error: src refspec –all does not match any.
    error: failed to push some refs to ‘repourl’

  • Reply Ian Ceicys |

    Very cool and a great guide. Thanks for posting this. We were piloting GitHub and now looking to move to TFS. I have the GitHub repo now on TFS…the challenge I’m faced with is that we have folks still committing to GitHub and I need to setup a one way mirror to TFS so the commits from GitHub are in sync over to TFS. At some point we will do a complete switch to TFS so there will only be commits in the TFS repo.

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