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Migrating from Google Apps to


  • Reply Stuart |

    This worked for me but only after I have “undone” my earlier attempts to do this myself. In the process I created a full MS Account using the email address I wanted to use as an alias (by adding a member in the domain tools).
    I then deleted the account (using the domain tools) but the MS account got left behind.

    When I ran wlalias it said the admin password was invalid and on trying to login to my MS account using these details, it showed that the wlalias had in fact created a LINK to the remnants of the previous account and I needed to verify this before it allowed me to login fully.

    I got around this by changing the email on the unwanted account (from my custom domain to and then I was able to successfully run wlalias again and create the alias I wanted.

    Thanks for the tip on how to do this.

  • Reply Olis |

    When I try to setup custom mail with I do not get a screen with the question tho prove the ownership of this domain by creating a DNS record. Why? Please help! Many thanks

    • Reply Alexander Vanwynsberghe |

      Hi Olis,

      Did you use the same steps to add a domain using Normally, on that site, when you look at the top left, you should see ‘Domain Settings’. When you click this link, you will see all necessary information about the DNS settings.

      Good luck!

  • Reply Christopher |

    Excellent info on WLALIAS – I never knew that existed despite some Googling myself.

    I’m grandfathered into a Google Apps account and my current Windows Phone 7 device is already one of the devices syncing so I’m safe from the EAS death come 30 Jan 2013. Safe until I upgrade later this year to a Windows Phone 8 device.

    The only thing stopping me from switching is the ability to access Contacts and Calendar from other apps. Switching to would mean I can safely sync using WP8 but any ideas on how to get OS X’s Contacts and Calendar to sync? I tried using and as an Exchange Server address but no luck connecting.

    • Reply Alexander Vanwynsberghe |

      Hi Christopher,

      Good question! As I don’t have OS X, I can’t try it for you. But from what Google/Bing is telling me, it should be possible by using ‘’ as exchange domain. If you find a solution for it, let me know if you want!


  • Reply Brendan |

    Hello. I tried to use this utility but I get:

    Creating alias…The call failed with outcome: SoapException
    Error 9003: Passport error.

    How do I get around this??

    • Reply Alexander Vanwynsberghe |

      Hi Brendan,
      Do you already have more than 5 aliases? Could be one of the reasons that it’s failing.

  • Reply Galya Metzger |

    That “no draft auto save” is a big problem. The Office apps themselves allow that. I wonder if MS simply hadn’t gotten to support it in blog editing mode yet.

  • Reply Galya Metzger |

    How does Microsoft’s privacy policy compare to Google’s in this context? Also, what prevents them from changing it?

  • Reply Mat |

    It’s also worth noting that the WLALIAS tool will also allow you to create an alias under a different domain, so it’s possible to have, and all pointing to the same account.

    It requires the domains to be registered as custom domains using the same the same ‘domain manager’ account at, but otherwise just use WLALIAS exactly as described above.

  • Reply larrymcj |

    Thanks for your article. It worked great when I configured a custom domain on, but there is one piece missing from your article: how to add other users to my domain and This was simple with Google Apps…but here, I have my email address setup and I want to setup one for my wife and can’t figure out how to do it. Would you mind editing your article to include this information? All the info I can find about it on the web doesn’t work, so I’m stuck for now. Thanks!

  • Reply larrymcj |

    Just want to confirm something you mention in your article before I do the same thing. I currently have a Windows Live ID of and I have an account setup for this email address. Like you, there is nothing in this account and it’s displayed in Settings as “SEND ONLY”.

    I plan to change the DNS pointers for “” from Google to (Hotmail)…and when I do, I’m HOPING the “SEND ONLY” status will automatically change to “SEND & RECEIVE”. Do you know if this is the case?

    Also, since the account is already in place with, should I point the DNS first…or add it to first? Thanks!

  • Reply Steve |

    When you migrate from Google Apps to, do you have to close the Google Apps account? Can I later go back to Google Apps? I have the 50 free accounts with Google Apps and I don’t want to loose them. But I would like to try out with my personal domain.

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