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Solved: SkyDrive Pro does not sync anymore


  • Reply Eric |

    Thanks for the post. Do you know if it’s possible to add multiple SP2010 document libraries. Example: Mysite Personal Documents and Team site shared documents.

    • Reply Alexander Vanwynsberghe |

      Hi Eric,
      Yes you can do that. You can sync as many document libraries as you want. Just right-click on the SkyDrive Pro icon in your taskbar, and select ‘Sync a new library’.

      Good luck!

  • Reply bob costello |

    I have saved a word perfect document to skydrive at my office computer. When I access it from my home computer it does not have the changes which I made at the office and when I try and make other changes at home…they don’t take…

    is this program useless or simply close to?

  • Reply RR Online |

    I’ve been frustrated by SkyDrive Pro errors for days. We are using Office365 (updated for 2013) and when trying to sync I was getting “configuration” errors and no other solutions worked. This fix worked like a charm! Well done and thanks.

  • Reply J. Kevin Parker |

    THANK YOU! I have tried a dozen different ways to fix my SkyDrive sync issues. Finally your post helped me fix it.

  • Reply Paul Crowe |

    FANTASTIC !! I’ve been trouble shooting this for weeks (thanks for nothing ms support !!) This fix works a treat.

    Alexander …. YOU’RE THE MAN !!!

  • Reply My View Too |

    All good, worked perfectly!!! Thanks so much for this, I was tearing my hair out trying to fix this.

  • Reply Ken Jepson |

    I didn’t need to clear my cache or reconfigure settings.
    I simply:
    1) r-clicked on the skydrive pro icon in the task bar;
    2) selected ‘stop syncing a folder
    3) selected my skydrive pro folder from the list;
    4) r-clicked again on skydrive pro icon;
    5) selected ‘sync a new library’;
    6) pasted the url of my skydrive pro folder & clicked continue.
    Voila – problem solved.
    Alternate to step 5 is login to skydrive pro in browser, select the skydrive pro tab; click on ‘sync’ and then ‘sync now’, which accomplishes the same thing.

    • Reply Mera naam |

      I was able to fix it both way. One method was to delete as mentioned in this article and other was to follow your steps by “resyncing” to a new library.

      Results of both actions were same – new library is created. Basically my local sync folder was not used anymore and a new one was created. I had to manually move files from existing folder to this newly created folder, library.

      Thank you for writing this OP (Alexander) and everyone else. This probably saved me countless hours of troubleshooting and remaining two hair strands.

  • Reply Andrew Slack |

    I have a large Onedrive with over 9,000 files, every now and then it simply stops syncing, all the repair tasks simply fail (I dont think they are clearing the cache). This works perfectly. Hope Microsoft see this and get this sorted once and for all.

  • Reply Eric |

    I have used this method before and it used to work. This time I tried again, and I am missing my files! Online onedrive site is also showing the files missing. Those files were critical and only copies. I was naive enough to trust onedrive after couple of test drives…

    The syncing from the site is currently still going on. I wouldn’t panic if I were able to see my files online at least, but they are not online either. Just folder names.

    Anyone has had this issue?

  • Reply Simon |

    Thanks! I was able to sort out my trouble with SkyDrive Pro not being correctly updated to OneDrive Pro with this fix.

  • Reply Mtura |

    Except that this Sync functionality only allows up to 5000 files from a workspace library which is too little.

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