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Cloning Microsoft Test Manager 11 Test Suites


  • Reply Chas Button |


    Thanks for the instructions on how to clone, very helpful.

    However when I try to do the clone I am getting the following error message

    The API or operation BeginCloneOperation is not supported in the version of server being used. Use matching versions of client and server.

    Any ideas how to get around this?

    Kind regards


    • Reply Alexander Vanwynsberghe |

      Hi Chas,

      That’s strange. I just tried it again with TFS 2012 and it should work. Which version of Test Manager are you using? The 2012?

      If you exectue “TCM” using the Visual Studio command prompt, what do you get? I get: TCM – Test Case Management Tool, Version 11.0.50821.1


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