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The social (r)evolution introduced by Gen Y

Yesterday, May 8th 2014, there was this great event called “InspireX“. It was an inspirational event on the Intersection of Business and Technology organized by Cronos (my employer). A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about “What employers need to know about ‘Generation Y’“. Based on that, I did a session on the InspireX event titled: “The social (r)evolution introduced by Generation Y”.

The abstract was about: Gen Y makes up 25% of the workforce today, and their numbers are growing rapidly. These new entrants into the workforce expect even more from their work experience than their Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts, making it really important that businesses understand the unique characteristics of this group. What technologies do they consider essential? What’s the impact of their social behavior? Are they really that social as everyone says? What about the social media trends, do we need to embrace them in the enterprise? If you want to find out more, join us at InspireX

The event was great. I’ve met lots of interesting people, I even had a talk with Marc Sluszny. How inspiring can that be? The overall feedback from that attendees was really positive! Up to the next edition.

As promised, you can find my slides at Slideshare. Enjoy!
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Yammer News: Your Digital Social Magazine!

I’m thrilled to announce this news! Ensoné – our Enterprise Social competence center – launched a new initiative called “Yammer News“. Yammer News is the first social magazine entirely built on top of  the Yammer platform.

It’s an application that enables an organization to highlight the most important Yammer conversations as news. This results in a digital magazine which uses a social algorithm to dynamically surface the news in an organization. And the best thing: it’s free! (without any advertisement)! The application was built as a tool to drive the engagement on Yammer. The Ensoné community managers use it extensively to draw the Enterprise Social skeptics into Yammer. The results are impressive, and therefore they decided to release it to everyone!

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How to boost your event with Yammer

Last week, we (Ensoné) presented at the Yammer Ignite Prague re-delivery organized by Microsoft Belgium. The reason I’m writing this blog post is because we actually managed to use Yammer to boost our event. (Funny: “An event about Yammer, on Yammer”) We succeeded in our mission! With 20 participants, we had more than 100 conversations, 250 replies and  200 likes in just one day!

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Integrate your Yammer feed into SharePoint Online

In this post, I will show you how easy it is to integrate your yammer feed into a SharePoint Online site. I’ll be making use of the “Yammer Web Part for SharePoint Online”. Note that this does not cover the way SharePoint and Yammer integrate when you’re using an on-prem installation with the “full blown” web parts like described here. Those web parts are only available for SharePoint 2007 and 2010. In fact, I’m still figuring out what the integration options will be for SharePoint online (and Office 365).

First of all, you need to download the web part from the Yammer site. Select “Yammer for SharePoint Online 1.0.x


Now we can upload this solution to your SharePoint Online instance. Browse to the URL of your site collection, like Click ‘Settings – Site Settings’. In the ‘Web Designer Galleries’, select ‘Solutions’.


You can now upload your solution. Select the button “Upload Solution


Browse to the web part you have just downloaded. After a successful upload, don’t forget to “Activate” the solution.


The next step is to integrate this web part on a page you want your feed to be visible. Just browse to a page and edit it. On the place you want, click “Add Web Part”. Select “Yammer” in the categories section. There you have the web part. Just click on “Add”.


The only thing you have to do now is configuring the web part. Click on the wrench in the top right corner and authorize with Yammer. Note: be sure that the page is still checked-out to you. Otherwise, you will get a nice “Oeps” error from SharePoint.


Now you can select the feed you want to show. This can either be the “My Feed”, “Company Feed”, “Group Feed”, “User Feed” or a “Topics Feed”. Select the feed you want, and there it is, your feed.


So it’s not a big deal to get your feed on SharePoint Online. But to be honest, I do not see any value of it. SharePoint Online (2013) itself already has some awesome social features. I’m really looking forward to some more in-depth integration of Yammer and SharePoint Online like the integration with SkyDrive Pro and Office Web Apps.

That’s it for today!