Alexander Vanwynsberghe

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try"

Healthcare is shifting gears

At the University of Antwerp, there was an interesting event called: “UAntwerpen backstage”, organised by Antwerp.SRL (Smart Region Link). The goal of the event was to give visitors a look behind the scenes, combined with some inspirational talks about chemistry and environment, transport and logistics, e-health and healthcare technology.

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First Meetup of the West Flemish IoTBE hub

As of 2015, the IoTBE Meetup community (with more than 700 members) is divided into local hubs. One of those local hubs is the West Flemish one. The cool thing is that Frederik and I are responsible for this local hub. As we are both living in the western part of Belgium, and we are super interested in the IoT eco-system (we even have our own IoT company, Aptus), it was a great opportunity to get our back onto this.

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