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"There is nothing impossible to him who will try"

Healthcare is shifting gears

At the University of Antwerp, there was an interesting event called: “UAntwerpen backstage”, organised by Antwerp.SRL (Smart Region Link). The goal of the event was to give visitors a look behind the scenes, combined with some inspirational talks about chemistry and environment, transport and logistics, e-health and healthcare technology.

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First Meetup of the West Flemish IoTBE hub

As of 2015, the IoTBE Meetup community (with more than 700 members) is divided into local hubs. One of those local hubs is the West Flemish one. The cool thing is that Frederik and I are responsible for this local hub. As we are both living in the western part of Belgium, and we are super interested in the IoT eco-system (we even have our own IoT company, Aptus), it was a great opportunity to get our back onto this.

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Linking Trello and VSO using Service Hooks

Yesterday, May 12th, Visual Studio Online exposed a collection of service hooks which sends information to other services on interesting events that happen inside Visual Studio Online – things like builds completing, work items being updated, or code being pushed. Visual Studio Online supports direct integration with over a dozen services, and one of this services is Trello.

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The social (r)evolution introduced by Gen Y

Yesterday, May 8th 2014, there was this great event called “InspireX“. It was an inspirational event on the Intersection of Business and Technology organized by Cronos (my employer). A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about “What employers need to know about ‘Generation Y’“. Based on that, I did a session on the InspireX event titled: “The social (r)evolution introduced by Generation Y”.

The abstract was about: Gen Y makes up 25% of the workforce today, and their numbers are growing rapidly. These new entrants into the workforce expect even more from their work experience than their Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts, making it really important that businesses understand the unique characteristics of this group. What technologies do they consider essential? What’s the impact of their social behavior? Are they really that social as everyone says? What about the social media trends, do we need to embrace them in the enterprise? If you want to find out more, join us at InspireX

The event was great. I’ve met lots of interesting people, I even had a talk with Marc Sluszny. How inspiring can that be? The overall feedback from that attendees was really positive! Up to the next edition.

As promised, you can find my slides at Slideshare. Enjoy!

Move from VS Online to an on-premises TFS

Last week, at the BUILD conference, Microsoft announced the general availability (GA) of Visual Studio Online. That’s great news, but this however impacts your current account and team projects living on the service. The first important thing to note is that the “early adopter” period of Visual Studio Online is nearing its end. On May 7 th, 2014, the early adopter period will stop.

Many of the users started out with VS Online before there was a clear view of how the future of TFservice (as it was called previously) would like like. Because of that, some people may want to take this transition to GA as an opportunity to reconsider their ALM configuration and move to an on-premises TFS server. Therefore, Microsoft enabled a data export window for any customer that has been on the service and wants to “opt out”. You now have the option to export your data from Visual Studio Online in a format that can be imported to Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 2. The data export process is a transfer of a faithful reproduction of your Visual Studio Online data. Read More

The future of work with Office 365

Yesterday, April 1st 2014, I gave a keynote session at the Cronos Office 365 event in Belgium. I talked about the future of work with Office 365. Some exciting things like the Office Graph, Oslo, Clutter, the groups concept, OneDrive for business, …

As promised, you can find my slides at Slideshare:

What employers need to know about ‘Generation Y’

In what way is Generation Y different from other generations? And what are their todays’ and future workspace expectations? The Nexus of Forces”, where SocialMobileCloud and Big data are converging, is happening today. For the first time in modern history, four generations of workers are working side by side. These four generations have different expectations in terms of culture, work ethics, mindset and workplace expectations.

At the InspireX 2014 event, I’ll talk about the social (r)evolution in the workplace, sparked and introduced by millennials also known as Generation Y. What do they expect from their workplace? What do they expect from their employers?

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Yammer News: Your Digital Social Magazine!

I’m thrilled to announce this news! Ensoné – our Enterprise Social competence center – launched a new initiative called “Yammer News“. Yammer News is the first social magazine entirely built on top of  the Yammer platform.

It’s an application that enables an organization to highlight the most important Yammer conversations as news. This results in a digital magazine which uses a social algorithm to dynamically surface the news in an organization. And the best thing: it’s free! (without any advertisement)! The application was built as a tool to drive the engagement on Yammer. The Ensoné community managers use it extensively to draw the Enterprise Social skeptics into Yammer. The results are impressive, and therefore they decided to release it to everyone!

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